Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Start of the Ride...

I said I would never have a blog, but I do love to write, create, photograph, and discover. I am always on the search for the things in life that are worth photographing and remembering. The idea seems simple, this will be my place to show my photographs, to tell the stories behind them, and the place to create, to reflect, and to hopefully inspire myself to live a life that is truly full and dynamic. Yes, the idea is simple, but the road getting to this has been long and rather wide. It has taken a journey to get to the place where I can say I am on a one lane backroad going to a place that excites me. I am all about the saying that life is a journey and the important part is the journey rather than the destination. At this point in my life I am totally concerned with the journey, the destination is still out of site and quite frankly is of no interest to me. I recently decided to shift my business. I've spent the past two years building a business that sold antiques, vintage pieces, and a few handmades, but it always seemed like a headache. I have become very bored with it, along with a lot of other aspects of my life. I being the one to always be outspoken have, this summer, become scared to voice my real opinion and to act without fear of being called out on it. The truth is I love my life, I have spent the past six months figuring out exactly who I am. I have carefully weeded out the people in my life who are toxic. One of which was my best friend. I hate to see her go, but I realize I will be much better off in the end. I have built a new circle of friends who I love dearly and have so much in common with. I have come to terms that I simply don't fit into my hometown and will be leaving after college, and I have come to term with not fitting into my family, which is something I struggle with daily. Let me assure you, that this isn't the place where I will be getting ultra personal or bitching about my bad days. I simply don't believe that those things should be voiced.

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