Monday, July 12, 2010

Design: The Studio in White aka Farmhouse Style!

It is an homage to before and afters. This may be the greatest one ever. I kid you not! In a day a managed to transform the interior of my storage building into a white studio. The exterior however is still very much a work in progress. Last week I moved all of my things out of the cabin and into storage on our farm. With the site of my favorite things sitting in boxes and my furniture stacked or pushed into piles it got me to thinking that I could create something beautiful with it. I looked no further than what originally was the coalhouse for my grandparents house. It later became a storage building for all of my pumpkin supplies and unwanted "stuff". The idea was simple. I wanted to create a space that reflected my style. I wanted a space that I could create in, ship in, work on my website in, photograph in, be inspired in, and potentially open a shop in. I started by spending a few hours flipping through House Beautifuls, Martha Stewarts, Country Livings, and Restoration Hardware catalogs. I came up with a vision. The space would be white. The walls were log and dark, I decided I would start by white washing them with a very primitive finish. I then rolled my floors in the same white to give it a very clean look. The cracks and chips only helped add character and age. I then decided the ceiling needed to pop. I covered it with a very dark green fabric. I wanted to create the feel of a tent. I created a vaulted ceiling and then filled in the space on the walls where the ceiling vaulted with a loose weave burlap. It is possibly my favorite look. I did the same look around the door and covered the wall with the door with super light white sheer curtains. I then added a loose strip of white fabric down the middle of the ceiling and my tent was complete. It turned out better than I ever thought. The look was very modern, but still had the look of a small time worn cabin. I then spent hours looking for inspiration with furniture. I decided, since I had no windows I would use a mirror to anchor the space. I brought in a white enamel top table to use as my desk. I sat it against the wall opposite the wall. The mirror topped it and light reflected around the room helping to create the feel of a window and the illusion of a much larger space. I then went on to fill the space with other pieces I wouldn't mind selling. Pie safes, washstands, kitchen cabinets, trunks, chairs, and several awesome pieces. The space was defiantly gaining an identity, one that was purely farmhouse. The look was both primitive and modern. I was loving it. I then brought in my accessories. White of course! The look quickly came together, and in the end I created a space I love to be in and a space I love to show off. While the outside is still a work in progress I am very excited to show the interior off...


  1. Haha. If only it had some Chilly Willy Bowls, or a cow cookie jar.